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All-in-one 3PL order fulfillment

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We are a user-friendly company for start-ups and SMBs – only pay for what you’ve used!
(*does not apply if the total# of SKUs is more than 100).

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Even if you just started your business and do not have many orders to fulfilment, we are happy to help so you can focus on exploring the market and boosting your sales!

No system set-up fee or account fee

No matter how many online stores we integrate with. You are empowered to try every platform you are interested in and we are here to help you grow your business. This is especially friendly to start up businesses and SMB who have not finalized their distribution strategy yet and who wish to try different channels.

Flat rate across Canada

Our close business relationships with industry-leading courier partners that enable us to provide reliable shipment and competitive flat rates using Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, and Canpar, which means whether you ship to the East coast, such as Toronto and Ottawa, or to the West coast, like Vancouver, we charge a flat rate based on weight only.

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